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A science backed award winning Corporate culture, wellbeing and Happiness Survey developed by leaders and scientists to provide you with meaningful employee feedback to quickly and easily measure job satisfaction and workload in your organization.

Are you aware of the inner issues within your company and how your staff really feel?

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What We Do Best

Workplace Happiness Diagnostic Tool

How we differ from other surveys is that we are a corporate wellbeing and culture company so we provide the process fully managed with a 100% completion rate on all surveys taken.
We believe that companies focused on the strengths of their team who regularly evaluate their environments and people will gain the most from their staff.
Proving meaningful surveys with reports that include recommendations and tailored with reporting is our super power for our clients and future clients.
We take the hard work out of surveying your team allow you to focus on other aspects of your company. We provide data and reporting to quickly detect trends that could be impacting your bottom line.
Book a consult with us so we can support your teams and company to flourish.

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our three step formula on Workplace Happiness, Performance & Wellbeing

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy communication.

Diagnose using our Workplace Happiness Diagnostic
Create tailored wellbeing frameworks and performance programs
Deliver leadership coaching, team programs and ongoing consultancy
What We Do Best

What's included

- Learning Portal
- Coach Led Accountability Check Ins
- Live Webclasses
- Private Global Community
- Certification

What We Do Best

How we deliver

With our survey we meet with your team to get them to introduced the survey and get as much buy in as possible.

Our Extended Wellbeing Survey incorporates important data such as nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep so we can help you to build a corporate wellbeing program, framework or ideas on how to attract the best staff.

Our team generates support for the survey alongside you and takes the hard work out of getting teams to complete surveys. We compile the data, analyse the results and alert you to any zones of development that may be needed.

This enables you to proactively see any challenges, we then work with you on possible solutions before they escalate and cost your company time and money. Collected data is presented in an easy to interpret format in key areas such as leadership, psychological safety, motivation, personal and professional development and hybrid working.

The Extended Wellbeing survey allows you to gain in-depth insights into the culture, wellbeing and happiness gaining data that can assist you to build an attraction and retention strategy and provide a competitive advantage for your organisation.

Step 1

Initial Consultation Period

Step 3

QW receive results, review the data and add to reports

Step 2

Diagnostic survey tool implemented

Step 4

The data is presented with areas to improve.

Discover how your teams really feel

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    What We Do Best

    who is this for

    Large Corporations - Corporations of 1,000 to 100,000.

    SME's - Small and medium enterprises with teams of 8 people and above.

    In case you've got questions

    Just a few of the benefits of this program

    Increase Staff Retention

    With approximately 50% of employees currently unhappy in their work, here at Quantum Wellness, we help thousands of people to develop their teams and leaders so that companies can thrive.

    Increase skillset and value

    The Chief Happiness Officer program allows you to have additional skills and a certification to add to your repertoire of deliverables and increase your value in the workplace now and into the future.

    Support Mental Health and Wellness of Your Staff

    The financial cost of neglecting mental health in the workplace is an estimated $10.9 billion. This financial cost and the wellbeing of all employees can be addressed through effective initiatives.

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