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Our team have developed and have access to the latest tools for creating winning workplace culture, wellness and development programs.



Supporting you in unique ways to innovate and manage geographically dispersed workplaces, returning to work and hybrid work forces.



We examine the pain points in your business using the Quantum Wellness Well-Being and Happiness@Work Survey™. 


We then develop and embed our Award Winning strategies for growing your organisational capacity using testing tools such as personality testing, team dynamics and strength testing TM. Most importantly we implement them alongside you to co create high performing work forces and building the well-being and happiness of nations across the world.

Wellbeing Framework

Purpose built wellbeing frameworks for organisations and teams to cater for our current climate.

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Chief Happiness Officer Certification

Training a CHO in the workplace

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Coaching and Consulting

Workforce strategy​

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We specialise in solving problems for organisations from Fortune 500s to SMEs.

Leadership & Managers Toolkits

Todays senior exec teams have more on to manage then ever - our coaching and programs help give leaders the edge in performance and staff wellbeing.

Wellbeing frameworks and programs

We help devise a global wellbeing framework and initiative for your company and then provide the tools to roll your program out across your divisions.

Chief Happiness Officer Training & Certification

Our CHO program is becoming the go to for many organisations looking to increase employee happiness - we train and certify CHOs within your company.

Who should be a CHO?​

Anyone in an team or company wide can - we have many HR leaders and teams, along with officer mangers, PA's and admin staff through to exec leadership teams taking the certification.​

What do I gain from it?

Certifaction yes but the main gain is a set of fundamentals and a program to roll out throughout your company to increase your workplace happiness.

Can this be taught to multiple people in one company?​

Yes - this is something we carry out often when multiple people in a company will do the certification. We find this works well when there are multiple teams and divisions so having a dedicated CHO as part of the toolkit in a team goes a long way to team happiness and performance.

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Mental Wellness Tool Kit for Leaders and Manager

Women in Leadership

The Neuroscience of Happiness

Mental Wellness in the Workplace

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